10 Gen Z Artists around the World Offer a Look inside Their Art Practices

Autore Articolo 24 Agosto 2021

Generation Z cannot be flattened into a single, simple category. Despite the public’s perception of a group of social media–obsessed and ego-driven young people, Gen Zers—born between 1997 and 2015—maintain a diverse range of perspectives. And what’s often dismissed is the way that world-altering events and technological advancements have impacted their lives.
Gen Z grew up in a post-9/11 internet age; their young adulthood coincided with the decentralization of information, more accessible education, and the erosion of fact-based knowledge. And the need to confront our damaged and dying planet from an early age left an indelible mark on the generation as a whole.

When it comes to visual artists of Gen Z, while they might share characteristics with their older peers—addressing issues of identity, cultural taboos, sexuality, and social and political unrest—the specific contexts in which they matured distinguishes them from their forebears.